Six British families have taken legal action against travel agent Thomas Cook and the Hotel Marmaris Palace in Dalaman, on the southwest coast of Turkey.
The action was launched after their children were among the up to 25 children who were admitted to hospital and put on IV drips after staying at the four star all-inclusive hotel.
Matthew and Kelly David were at the resort with their two children, Maizy and Alfie aged six and three, to celebrate their 10th anniversary. On the fifth day of the holiday the kids began to feel ill.
“It couldn't have been any worse really, it was horrific,” their dad Matthew said. “We thought it was just a stomach bug like you get on holiday but it go so much worse than that.”
“We were up all night with the kids on the Thursday and in our room all day on the Friday, they just couldn't keep anything down, but by Saturday we had to see the doctor.”
When the doctor saw the state the kids were in he took them to the hospital in his own car, and they were admitted immediately and placed on a drip.
The kids were too sick for them to continue the holiday, and say they were shocked at the attitude of Thomas Cook and the hotel staff.
Along with the medical costs of over £700, the family had to pay £200 each to have their flights changed and £70 to get to the airport, even though they had previously paid for an airport transfer.
“When we were talking to the rep we were informed there were 25 other reported cases of the same sort of thing as our kids had, the same symptoms, and it was all children,” Matthew recalled.
“Around the hotel they just tried to wash their hands of it. No pools were closed and no kitchens or anything were closed, that I was aware.”
The David’s, along with five other families, are taking legal action against the travel agent and hotel.
The holiday claims solicitor working on behalf of the six familes, Tracy Stansfield, has demanded an investigation.
Holiday claims solicitor Tracy Stansfield, who is acting for the families, said: 'I am very concerned about the reports of children becoming ill at the Marmaris Palace in Turkey.
“It is vital that tour operators and hotel management carry out a full investigation into the food and hygiene standards at the Marmaris Palace, in order to identify the source of the illness and prevent further outbreaks.”
A Thomas Cook spokesperson commented on the case. “Our resort team offered every assistance to the small number of customers at the Marmaris Palace who fell ill earlier this summer.”
“While our investigation into the illness continues, we are unable to provide further comment so as not to unduly influence any potential legal proceedings.”