Easter activities don’t only have to be for bigger kids. With your supervision and assistance your toddler can get involved in decorating the house for Easter. Make sure you do all of the scissor cutting and gluing.
1. Easter egg garland
To make this pretty and fun garland, simply cut out eight oval pieces of pastel coloured paper. Give your toddler some crayons or paint and get them to paint each oval piece a fun colour. Then, using PVA glue stick the paper pieces along a piece of string or twine. Allow to dry and hang along the stairs or above a window for a delightful decoration your toddler will be proud of.
2. Bunny puppet
Get some new white socks, felt pieces and googly eyes and have fun with your little one making bunny puppets. Your toddler will have hours of fun playing with these!
3. Carrot napkin holder
To make these sweet napkin holders that will look great at Easter Sunday dinner, get some orange coloured paper and shape into a cone. Secure the paper into this shape with some sellotape or PVA glue. Get your toddler to draw the grooves of a carrot onto the paper. Cut away any extra pieces so it resembles a carrot. To create the greenery on top of a carrot, simply stick a green napkin into the cone opening.
4. Dyed Easter eggs
To make these, either hard boil your eggs or blow them out by creating a small hole at either side of the egg and simply blow out so the yolk and white comes out the other side. When you have done either option, simply submerge the egg in a cup of water and vinegar that has about 8-9 drops of food colouring. Allow to dry on a rack with newspaper underneath to blot up any spillage. For deeper colours simply do a couple of dye coats.
5. Easter egg nests
Simply use your regular Rice Krispie bun recipe but replace the Rice Krispies with Cornflakes and top with chocolate mini-eggs. So easy and no bake so your toddler will have lots of fun mixing, topping and of course, eating!