Whether it’s standing in a queue, waiting to be served, a long traffic jam or a delayed flight, nobody likes waiting around, especially children. Fortunately, there are lots of simple activities that you can do with your little one to prevent them getting frustrated and throwing tantrums.
Here are five ways to keep youngsters amused while you wait:
Play peek-a-boo through a water glass
Your little one will truly delighted in the distorted image of your face that the tumbler will make. This is a great game if you are in a restaurant waiting to be served. Unfortunately, it won’t last for too long but it will certainly give you and your child a few giggles.
Blow bubbles into a glass or cup
Every child loves blowing bubbles; however, make sure that they can’t splash other diners and hold the glass so it doesn’t spill. Stick to the water, otherwise your little one may become sticky if they blow into a fizzy drink.
Guess the penny
This will only work if you have lots of change in your pocket. Introduce your little one to the coins you have, let them feel the shape and ridges then get them to close their eyes. Place a coin in their hand and ask them to guess which coin it is. This can last for several minutes, depending on the variety of coins you have.
Balancing game
For this activity you will need plenty of space around you, otherwise your little one will just crash into people beside them. Try to get them one to balance on one leg, then the other. If this is too easy for them, get them to jump on one foot, etc.
I Spy
This is a fail-proof activity and works for almost every situation that involves waiting, It can go on for as long as your youngster doesn’t get bored and works really well if there is more than one child.
No matter where you go or where you end up waiting, you will need to be armed with a head full of fun activities.