Kicking your kids’ sugar habit can be tough and often it's just easier to just let them eat whatever. However, it is important to understand that sugar, while it is naturally present in many foods, can have a negative impact on your child’s health. Not only does it lead to obesity, it can also affect their concentration, cause headaches and even damage teeth.


So with that in mind, this January, why not make a resolution that will benefit your kids, and cut down on their sugar intake.


Bake cakes at home

While you will still be using sugar in your cakes, you will be in control of how much goes in. You will also be able to add fruit rather than chocolate and avoid the icing on top. This way rather than banning your child from eating any sweets they will still be able to enjoy a treat every now and then.


Have a treat day

Sugar is highly addictive so completely omitting sweets from your child’s diet may prove to be difficult, so instead allocate one day in the week where they can have a treat. And it will become just that, a treat. However, this doesn't mean they should be given free range to eat whatever, 


Don’t buy temptation

One of the most effective ways to cut back on sugar is to cut out the temptation and not to have it in your house. So the next time you go out shopping skip the sweet aisle and load up instead on healthy snacks that you can leave in the cupboard or fridge and nibble on when hungry.


Read the ingredients

A lot of foods have naturally occurring sugars, but it is the added sugar that is the problem. So when you are doing your weekly shop, make sure you read all labels and ingredients so you know exactly what you are eating.


Keep fizzy drinks for special occasions

Keep fizzy drinks for special occasions like birthday parties and serve only water during the week keeping concentrated juice for treat day or the weekend.