Sometimes, the best things in life are really free and no one knows that more, than your toddler. Your little one can have hours of fun with some of the simplest activities, that can be found around the house. So, here are six fun activities that will keep your tot busy, but are free too.
Filling the sink with bubbles
Yes, it can get a little messy, especially if you are trying to wash dishes. But as long as you’re keeping an eye on the rising level of bubbles, it should keep your toddler amused for hours.
Building a fort with sheets
Your sheets may go missing, get scrunched up and you may even discover materials you never knew you had. But, building a fort with your tot is not only a great bonding opportunity with your little one, it can also enable them to really explore their imagination.
Their first box
Psychologists seem to have a field day studying why our little ones get so much amusement from playing in a box, rather than with the latest gadgets. But most of the time your tot simply loves having a space to themselves and having hours of letting their imagination run wild.
Despite your best efforts to keep your toddler out of your cupboards, he or she will always find their way to the Tupperware. So instead of taking it away from them, why not let them embrace their time with your plastic containers. It’s not only safe, but can keep your little one distracted while you get some much needed tasks done in the kitchen.
It could be your little one’s favourite programme that may have got them moving or your favourite tune on the radio. But dancing with your toddler is a great way to keep them distracted. But by joining in with your tot’s moves will not only boost both of your moods, but it can even become a part of your exercise ritual.
There is always time for a picnic and weather is no excuse. If it’s raining you can still have a fun picnic with your little one inside. All you need is a blanket, a few snacks (the healthier the better) and time with your little one. It’s not only a great way to spend the afternoon with your toddler but create great bonding opportunities with you and your tot.