Is your tot complaining about being bored again? Never fear, we have some alternative but fun activities to keep your little one creative and busy this summer.
Wooden block prints
Your little one may have already gotten bored of those wooden blocks but that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be put to good use. Your little one can play with their wooden blocks once again by creating some unusual paint designs. Not only can your tot can get creative but they can learn about geometry too.
Bubble wrap paint
Bubble wrap is not just great for popping but they can be great for painting too. So instead of throwing them in the bin or popping them to your heart’s content, use the bubble wrap as a fun alternative to paint brushes. Not only are the designs unusual but any popping that does occur adds to the element of fun.
Bubble paint
Bubble paint is not only pretty but easy to create - all you need to do is to dilute paint with some water, a teaspoon of washing up liquid, and you have your end result. Your little one will love blowing colourful to create some fun usual designs. It’s also the perfect craft for this hot weather, as your tot can taking their colourful messy bubbles outside.
Edible paint
You can create some delicious but edible paint of your own by simply using mayonnaise and food colouring. So not only is it a safe option for when our tot’s decide to put some paints in their mouths, it can come up with some interesting designs. The only disadvantage the paint and creations can get a little smelly after a while.
Rock painting
Many tots go through an odd phase of collecting rocks, but you can help them make the most of it by making their rock collection a little more colourful. Not only is it fun but it can help your little one’s motor skills by using a small brush to paint on the rocks.
Chalk Spray
Not really paint, but still equally as messy. All you need is to mix paint, water, corn-starch and soap, and they'll have a unique formula that's fun to spritz on the driveway and pavement.