It certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to see the man in red sitting all warm and cosy in his grotto. And while it is a pretty magical time, there are a few things that will are likely going to happen when you bring your toddler for the first one.
They’ll cry
If you do manage to eventually get your little one to go near the man in red, e prepared for a few tears. While you try to get your perfect festive picture your little one will probably cry - Santa can be pretty scary, we’ll admit.
They’ll need to go to the toilet
If you are going through the fun potty training stage, your little one will likely need to go when you are nearly at the top of the queue after standing for a good 40 minutes. Every. Single. Time.
They’ll refuse to go in
After all the hype and begging to go see Santa, when you get there your little one will probably become a little scared and refuse to go in. you’ll stand there in the freezing cold gently trying got persuade them to head in all the while thinking you don’t actually want to go in yourself.  
They’ll pull his beard
Kids are curious so don’t be surprised if they try to pull Santa’s beard right off his face. Hopefully you’ll get a jolly old man who doesn’t mind. Hopefully.
They’ll try to rob his hat
If they can’t get the beard they’ll no doubt go for the hat. Oh poor Santa, although we’re pretty sure it’s all in the job description.
They'll ask for a different present
Kids can be a little demanding we all know that but it can be incredibly embarrassing when they open their gift and ask for a different one. And here’s us thinking that we did teach them the true meaning of Christmas.
After all the tears, moans and ungrateful gift receiving they’ll no doubt want to go again.