Halloween is all about bobbing for apples, having fun (and eating a lot of sweets) - not spending a fortune on costumes! 
This year, why not keep the costs down by making your toddler’s costume? With a little bit of imagination, creativity and some old clothes, you'll be surprised by how easy it actually is! 
Here are seven inexpensive ones you can do in no time at all:
1. Ghost
This one is perfect for when you're really short on time. Simply cut two eye holes into an old white bed sheet and drape it over your child. If it's very long you can either cut it a little or tie a belt around their waist to keep it up.  
2. Little Red Riding Hood
This one is really handy if it's a little chilly out on the day! Simply dress your little toddler in a white dress and tights - it doesn't have to be plain white, poke-a-dots would work quite well too. Next, using an old, red table cloth (any type of sheet would work for this) make the cape by draping it over their head and then shoulders. You can secure it by stitching some red ribbon just where the hood pulls in at the neck, and tying it. A picnic basket will complete the look and also works as a trick-or-treat bag. And if you're feeling brave, you can totally dress up as a wolf! 
3. Witch
Thi is actually one of the easiet costumes and is perfect if you are short on time. All you need is a black top and black tutu-style skirt (you can make the skirt using black tulle if you're feeling brave!). A witch hat and broom stick (or your sweeping brush) wil help complete the look. If your little one will let you, you can paint their face green or even accessorise with a fake nose. 
4. Cat
Black leggings and black jumper are all you really need for this. Cut up a black pair of tights and stuff with socks for the tail and you can make a nose out of an old egg carton – just paint it black and add some string. A few whiskers on their cheeks with an eyeliner will give an authentic cat look.
5. Spider  
Dress your toddler like the cat costume above, except instead of stuffing the tights to make a tail, stuff four pairs for the legs. Secure them to your youngster with either thread or pins - join them all together to make the legs move up and down.  
6. Vampire
A black bin bag will make a great cape then all you need to do is dress them in a white top, red shirt and black trousers. Use a red lip liner to give the illusion of blood dripping from their mouth and powder their face in flour.
7. Bumble bee 
This is another easy one that can be done the night before. All you need to do is sew or paint black stripes onto a yellow top, make a pair of wings out of an old cereal box, and dress your little one in yellow. Done! 
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