While we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, there is still nothing like a family trip to the beach to pass the time this summer. Here are some great activities that both you and your toddler can get up to by the sea:
Scavenger hunt
This can often depend on the weather, but there is nothing like a fun scavenger hunt to let your little one properly explore what’s going on the beach. Before you arrive at the seaside make a list of items that your tot needs to find and treat them to a fun ice-cream treat at the end of your beach day.
Seaweed art
You can be surprised with what you can create with your child by just using some sand and seaweed. But make sure to take a picture of their masterpiece before the sea sweeps it away.
Ball games
While volleyball can be a little too intense for your little one, there are plenty of beach ball games that you can play as a family. If safe enough you could even play the beach ball game in some shallow waters.
No trip to the beach is complete without creating a sandcastle masterpiece. So, before even heading to the beach, make sure you have all of the buckets and spades that you need.
Sand drawings
The beach offers so many opportunities for your toddler to get creative and nothing is more fun than sand drawings. You can be surprised with what your toddler can create but again make sure to take a picture before the sea sweeps it away.
It’s always a good idea to attempt this when the beach is at its quietest and of course windy. Kite flying can be a fun experience for your tot but one they will need your help with.
Sand forts
Whether it’s burying them in the sand or helping to create a fort of their own, sand can definitely offer plenty of opportunities for your little one. You can be surprised with what you can achieve by working together on your tot’s sand forts.
Seashell hunting
No trip to the beach would be complete without seashell hunting and it’s often a great way to finish the day. Your toddler can see all the different pretty seashells that appear on the shore and could even collect them for future craft projects.