Even though it came out last Christmas, Frozen is definitely still the kids’ movie of the moment. With stories of people queuing for hours to get a particular Elsa doll or being sold for exorbitant prices online, it’s hard not to get sucked right back in to the whole thing.


If you have been contemplating the idea of standing in the freezing cold just so your little one isn’t disappointed this Christmas, you might very well be the mother of a child obsessed with Frozen.


Here are other signs to look out for:


They sing ‘Let It Go’ All. The. Time

Even if they don’t know the words, your little one can usually be heard belting out the tunes on the way to school, on the way home, just before bed and every time in between.


They want to be called Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff etc.

Their own name is no longer good enough for them now. Unless you called them Elsa, Anna or Kristoff or whatever their favourite character’s name is, they simply won’t answer you.


They demand you call them Queen [insert your child’s name here]

You agree, through clenched teeth, but secretly you’re raging you never thought of the idea first – you’ve always wanted to be Queen.


They want you to buy an ice castle

And place it on the top of a mountain in the freezing cold and live there forever and ever.


They want a reindeer

To be honest we kind of want a reindeer too...


They will only wear an outfit that is in the movie

This makes mornings very difficult and you don’t fancy getting a note home again for some Frozen-related incident. Not after the last one...


They tried to make an Olaf out of the ice in your freezer

We encourage our kids to be creative but when they are taking all the food out of the freezer and scraping the ice from the sides, things have gone just a little too far.  


They have watched the movie at least ten times and still want to watch it

We loved it the first, maybe second time, but it really started to lose its appeal after the third Friday night we spent watching it.