Winter is not an excuse to stay indoors, unless of course the weather is particularly dreadful outside, and it is important you take your little one out for fresh air and exercise on a regular basis. 


Here are eight activities to get your toddler outside and having fun:


Splash in muddy puddles

It doesn’t need to be dry out to have fun. Most toddlers love nothing more than splashing about in muddy puddles so pop on a rain mac, Wellington boots and head outside in the rain.


Create your own nature trail

A nature trail is not only a great way to get outdoors, but your little one will learn a thing or two in the process. Write a list of things you want your toddler to look for when you are outside and go out and have some fun. You will no doubt find interesting and cool things that you never even thought of looking for. 


Do tree rubbings

Get your little one to put a sheet of paper on a tree and rub the pattern using a crayon. You can do this with leaves and rocks as well.


Do some gardening

Set aside an area in the garden where your little one can plant and grow anything that they like. A pot inside the house will also work when the weather starts to get too bad for gardening.


Nature table

Just like in school, create your little one’s very own nature table. This way when you do go out they will constantly be looking for things to collect.


Go exploring

Hop in the car and head to your nearest park, however, rather than going straight to the swings explore a little around the wooded areas – you never know what cool things you might find.


Play conkers

Playing conkers or horse chestnuts provide endless entertainment for everyone, especially your toddler.


Take photos

Get your little one a kid-friendly camera and spend the day taking photos of things in nature that catch their eye or intrigue them.