9 year-old Hector Montoya was saving for a Playstation 4, just like many boys his age when tragedy struck his neighbourhood. 
The neighbourhood in Grand Prairie, Texas, was devestated when a house fire claimed the lives of a mother and daughter. 
Instead of buying his Playstation 4, Hector did something truly remarkable - he bought the whole community smoke detectors to protect the people in Grand Prairie. 
Hector told the local news: "It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire."
With the $300 he had saved, Hector was able to buy 100 smoke detectors to save lives in his community. 
Hector had been planning on starting all over again with his saving for a Playstation, however, when people heard about his good deed on the local news, they bought it for him. 
What an inspirational little kid!