Steven from Oregon, USA has become famous all across the internet for mailing back a lost drivers licence to its owner and attaching the sweetest letter along with it.
But instead of asking for a reward for returning the licence, Steven asked Jacob, the owner of the drivers licence to do a good deed instead.
Steven wrote in the note:
“Dear Mr.
I found your driver licence on the street so I thohgt that you will reilly need it back. So I thout this would be the nice thing to do and I hope that when you see some-thing like this you will do the same thing.
Jacob shared the note on the social media site, Reddit and was very touched by the little boy’s actions.
"I lost my licence about a week ago. Today, I received this in the mail. Needless to say, he will be receiving a reward." 
Steven told online users that he was planning on giving the boy a cash gift and a LEGO set as a thank you for his kindness.