Kids love being active, particularly when they know they will have fun. They will learn to love staying fit if you find activities that they enjoy and that gives them plenty of variety.
Give your child lots of opportunities to try different activities so he can discover what he is good at.  A child who has good balance and who likes dancing may enjoy gymnastics while others who have good hand-to-eye coordination may enjoy playing tennis.
Encouraging your child to find activities that he likes is one of the best ways to keep them fit and healthy. Whether it’s dancing, horse-riding, playing football, hula-hooping, flying a kite, all that matters is they enjoy it and want to spend time doing it.
Variety is important so ensure they play a mix of sports and dedicate time to lots of different moderate and vigorous activities. Dancing, skipping, running, playing ball, horse-riding- it doesn’t matter what activity they choose as long as they enjoy it.
By trying lots of different activities your child will develop new skills and stay challenged and interested in physical activity,