This little girl and her mum weren’t going to let her condition stop her from dancing to her favourite pop song.
Six-year-old Taylor, who has cerebral palsy, enjoys a bop with a little help from her mum and a special invention – the Firefly Upsee –which helps children with cerebral palsy to walk.
"It was so beautiful," her mum Dana said, adding that Taylor was able to "move in ways that she never moved before," such as side-to-side and forward and back.
The Firefly Upsee, a device which was invented by another mother who has a child with cerebral palsy, works much like how an adult would lead a child in a dance -- by placing the kid's feet on top of their own.
However, instead of a parent and child facing each other, the Upsee positions the child the opposite way, so the little one is facing forward with his or her feet planted in between an adult's legs.
Parents of children with cerebral palsy can wear the device and strap their kids in so that they can move in sync. The kids may even be able to show off their dance skills, as Taylor does in the video.
"We were all blown away by how well she did with it," Dana said.