Five-year-old Hannah Higgins has gone through a lot more than other kids her age.
Diagnosed with tumours on her kidneys this February, she has undergone six months of chemotherapy, had radiation therapy on her lungs and had her left and part of her right kidneys removed.
Now Hannah has decided she wants to share her experience with other kids who have been diagnosed with cancer, to tell them what it’s like and how they can be brave like her.
Hannah’s father Joshua shared the video on Youtube, explaining Hannah’s “matter of fact” approach to her illness.
“Throughout her ordeal, she has always been very matter a fact about the entire situation. She understands what's going on and knows what's needed to fix it.”
“She approached us one day and said she wanted to do a 'commercial' to explain to other kids what they can expect when going through cancer and show them 'how brave' she has been.”