So you have suck labels on every item they own, covered copies and books until you wanted to claw your eyes out, and now the little munchkins are safely, happily back settled in school.




Now it's time to focus on yourself a little. Google healthy meals (or look up recipes online), find a fitness regime that works for you, start looking up a mini-break or simply take a well-deserved trip to get a facial. 


As well as the jobs and responsibilities, motherhood is a state of permanent guilt and that can be exhausting. September is the time to take a step back and remind yourself that happy mummy always makes happy children. 


Here are our top tips!


1. Take a break

Gather your favourite people (besides your children) and get away for a night. Find a deal and chill out for 24 hours. This will not only help you physically catch up on sleep and drink hot beverages before they get cold, it is also nice to get a mental break from the often, heavy workload, that comes with little ones. 


2. Do something you love

Do you LOVE to sing or does hiking help you unwind? Often we are so busy planning extra cirricular activities for our children that we neglect our own. Get some passion back into your life by returning to an old love (no, not that kind!) Rekindle a hobby that makes you happy. You will be surprised at how much joy you can get from this! 


3. Don't underestimate the joy of getting active


No, I'm not completely crazy - sport can make you feel even more energised despite the fatigue of a summer with the kids at home all day. Energy breeds energy! Not only will your body thank you for dragging it off the couch and onto the bike, your mind will too. Feeling better physically does a lot for a tired brain. Trust us!


4. Listen to music


I always feel better when I take the time to listen to my favourite tunes. I realise that most of the time I have the theme tune to Peppa Pig running on a loop in my head. Turn down the inner noise that comes with small children and try to tap into your own musical vibe. Sway on the way into work on the bus or blast them in the car between school pick-ups.  Get that melody back into your life.


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What tips do you have for unwinding, mums?