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Are breakfast cereals a healthy choice for my toddler?

In addition to being a convenient, nutritious and tasty start to each morning, breakfast cereals provide an excellent way for toddlers to enjoy dairy products and all of its benefits.Not only is cereal with milk a good source of calcium, it can also help to provide a valuable proportion of children’s day’s total nutrient needs including carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fibre.
Choose a fortified cereal (this means cereals that have vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium added to them) to help ensure your toddler is getting the vitamins and minerals they need. Give them a glass of pure fruit juice with the cereal as the vitamin C will aid the body’s absorption of iron. You could also add some natural yoghurt to the cereal to keep breakfast time interesting. You could also add some natural yoghurt to the cereal to keep breakfast time interesting. 
Did you know that the National Children’s Food Survey (IUNA 2005) found that breakfast cereals contribute 22-30% of average intakes for iron, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and folic acid and that children who regularly eat breakfast cereals have higher intakes of these problem nutrients and are more likely to achieve recommended intakes compared to their peers who eat less or no cereals.
Did you know Kellogg kids and family cereals provide 25% of the daily needs for 6 B vitamins and vitamin D and 17% of the mineral iron in a bowl? Some even have added calcium.

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