Autumn is the perfect month to get out and about and try to soak up as much outdoor fun as possible before the cold, wet winter really decides to settle in. If you look out your window, you are sure to see crispy, red leaves either blowing all over your garden or piling up in the corner. With your toddler, head outside and gather as many as you can. The more you have the more crafts you can do.
1. Leaf rubbing
The more leaves you gather for this activity the better.
What you’ll need:
Leaves from the garden
1 large sheet of paper
One crayon
  1. Place the leaf under the sheet of paper.
  2. Get your little one to rub the crayon on the sheet over the area where the leaf is directly underneath.
  3. They will be able to see the shape and veins of the leaf come through.
2. Leaf mobile
Bring the autumn into your home with this lovely mobile.
What you’ll need:
3 various paint colours
3 old plates
Paint brush
Leaves from the garden
Plain white paper
Old hanger
  1. Pour the paints onto the plates. This just makes it easier for your little one to work with.
  2. Using the paint brushes, get your toddler to paint one side of the leaf.
  3. When they are finished, lift it up and press it paint side down on to the paper.
  4. Ask your youngster to press the leaf onto the paper. Gently pull the leaf away from the page to show the imprint.
  5. Allow to dry before cutting out the shape.
  6. Pierce a hole at either end of the leaf and thread the string through. Secure by tying a knot in it.
  7. Wrap the other end around the hanger and again secure by putting a knot in it.
  8. Hang it in your toddler’s room for an instant autumn feel.
3. Forest of crispy trees
What you’ll need:
1 green crayon
1 brown crayon
1 sheet of card paper
PVC glue
Lots of crispy leaves, try to get as many colours as possible
  1. Draw the outline of a tree on the paper using the crayons.
  2. Using their hands, get your toddler to crush the leaves into pieces.
  3. In the leafy part of the drawn tree generously apply lots of glue.
  4. Get your toddler to sprinkle the crushed leaves over the glue so that it covers all of it.
  5. Allow to draw before getting them to colour in the trunk.
image via Pinterest