Eggs are not only healthy, they also provide pretty good scope for getting creative with the kids.
Round the world
What you’ll need:
1 whole egg
1 bowl
Straw (optional)
Blue and green paint
Egg cup
  • Pierce the shell of the egg with the pin being careful not to break it. Let the raw contents drip out. Alternatively you can blow them out with a straw. Don’t allow kids handle raw egg.
  • Pop the egg shell into the cup and let your little one paint it like a globe.
Egg carton train
What you’ll need:
1 x 12hole egg carton
1 toilet roll tube
Cotton wool
PVC glue
  • Cut the carton in half so you are left with 6 holders in a line. Turn it up so the bottom of the egg cartons is facing up.
  • Glue the toilet roll tube to one of the egg holder bottoms at the end of the row.
  • Let your little one paint them using the paints.
  • Stuff the toilet roll tube with the cotton wool for a smoke-like effect.
Eye mask
What you’ll need:
1 x6hole egg carton
Paint colours
  • Cut the carton in threes so you are left with three rows of two cartons together.
  • Pierce a hole in the bottom of each carton to see through and let your little one decorate them with the paint.
  • When dry secure the string to the eye mask stapling it to either side of the carton.
Secret surprise
What you'll need:
1 hardboiled egg
Paint colours
1 egg cup
1 packet of buttons
  • To make sure the egg is hard boiled you will need to boil it for a good 15 minutes.
  • When ready crack a tiny slice off the top of the egg and scoop out the inside being careful you don’t break the shell or the top. You can pop the cooked egg contents into a cup and give it to your little one for lunch.
  • Give the empty shell a bit of a wipe before letting your little one paint it.
  • Allow to dry before filling it with chocolate buttons and sellotaping the top back on. Your little one will need to break the shell to get the buttons out.
image via Pinterest