Nothing can be as messy (but equally as enjoyable) as baking with your toddler. Before deciding to take on this big task, here are some things to keep in mind before delving into the food cupboard with your little tot.
Your toddler’s mood
If they are in a bad mood or it’s not long before nap-time, it is most definitely not the time for baking. If they are too hyped up, it’s not going to work either. Probably the best time to grab your toddler’s attention is after they’ve had a nap and of course, eaten a little something beforehand.
Keep it simple
It’s best to keep it simple for your toddler’s first baking session and not bother with those complicated recipes. Cupcakes or Madeira cakes are easy to make but also enable your toddler to get a little bit creative when it comes to icing their sponges.
Perfectionism is overrated
You shouldn’t be striving for perfectionism in the first place but if you are, you need to say goodbye to this idea before deciding to bake with your toddler. Your tot will break eggs, spill milk and yes, get covered from head to toe in flour. Remember, that’s all part of the fun.
Prepare ingredients
Before your little one even hits the kitchen make sure you have all your ingredients measured and lined up. It will not only make your life easier but also prevent any baking mishaps.
Delegate tasks
There will be a lot of confusion but if you actually want to get any baking done it’s probably a good idea to delegate tasks. This is especially necessary if your tot is baking with siblings.
Safety comes first
This goes without saying but your toddler’s first baking experience should be as safe as it is fun. Make sure they don’t taste egg shells, keep them away from dangerous tools and of course, keep them away from that hot oven.
Praise your tot
Let them eat their finished results to their hearts content and most importantly, congratulate them on a job well done. Even though they won’t need much encouragement, make sure your toddler shows off their finished results to everyone they know with pride.