Beverage Recipes

Looking for beverage recipes? MummyPages has hot and cold drink recipes, cocktail recipes and healthy drink recipes for the kids complete with ratings and helpful tips.

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Berry bliss smoothie
Tropical green smoothie
Ultimate green drink smoothie
Peach melba smoothie, dessert in a glass
Avocado smoothie
Breakfast smoothie
Baileys Irish Cream
Tropical fruit smoothies
Orange and ginger juice
Blueberry, cranberry smoothie
Wray ‘n’ ting
Witches brew
Princess plum smoothie
Baked eggs and sausage tortilla
Hot caramel chocolate
Egg nog - luxury
Almond and berry smoothie
Mango and coconut smoothie
Vanilla hot chocolate
 Carrot, orange and ginger juice
Peach and blueberry smoothie
Banana and strawberry hot chocolate
Peppermint hot chocolate
Vegan hot chocolate
Fruit berry and elderflower punch (non alcoholic)
Authentic paloma