Graham Fowler is a very brave little boy who has started a bit of a craze with his bright idea.
The 10-year-old boy, from Minnesota in the US, was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer called spitzoid melanoma last year.
Only five other children in America have the same diagnosis as Graham, and unfortunately, there is no cure.
Graham has had to spend a lot of his time in hospital over the past few months, and what started out as a fun activity to pass the time during hospital stays, has now turned into a brilliant fundraising campaign for childhood cancer research.
Graham started weaving bracelets after his mum got him a rainbow loom.
Since he couldn't swim or jump on the trampoline, Graham spent much of his play time making the bracelets, and was able to make around 20 a day.
After a photo of one of the bracelets was posted to Facebook, people asked if they could buy it. That's when Graham got the idea to sell the bracelets and donate the money to childhood cancer research.
Since October, he's made an incredible 8,000 bracelets and raised close to $10,000, which is being donated to children's hospitals and clinics in Minnesota.
With the help of his older sisters, he's made a Facebook page called Graham's Gift which he uses to sell his colourful bracelets.
Each bracelet sells for $1 and always features a special yellow bead, symbolising child cancer research.
"I want to do this so that kids can get better," said the big-hearted boy.