Doctors in Georgia, US are using ‘breast implants’ to treat a four-year-old boy born with an extremely rare skin condition that left 80 percent of his body covered in moles.


Dylan Little was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, a condition which reportedly affects one in every 500,000 infants.


As a result of his condition, Dylan was born with moles all over his body, with the largest practically covering his little back.



Concerned that their son’s moles may turn cancerous when he gets older, parents Kara and Nikki brought Dylan to doctors in the hope of having the moles removed.


Medics came up with a clever way to expand Dylan’s skin and then substitute the excess for the parts covered in the potentially dangerous moles.


Mum Kara explained: “They use procedure skin expanders, like for breast implants. They put them inside the body under the clearer sections, and over three months fill them up with saline until they grow and triple in size, like a water balloon inside him.”



“They then use the skin to cover the area of nevus that they have removed,” she added.


Dylan has undergone 26 surgeries so far, with half of the affected area already removed from his skin. His progress is being monitored via bi-annual MRI scans.



Kara and Nikki have been updating those following Dylan’s progress with updates on a special GoFundMe page (link here).


We’re wishing Dylan all the best with the rest of his surgeries.


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