Eight-year-old Daniel Booth has come up with a very clever way to help strangers understand his condition – and is raising awareness at the same time.


Daniel has both autism and ADHD, and sometimes his behaviour causes people to stare at him as he struggles to cope with changes.


However, the young boy has come up with a genius way to help everyone understand better, by creating cards that explain his diagnosis.


The beautifully honest and bright cards read: “Stop don’t judge me! I’m not naughty or rude. My name is Dan and I am Autistic and I have ADHD. Life is a challenge and the more people that understand it the better it will be. Thank you for reading… Have a nice day.”



Talking about why he did it, his mum, Karen, told Yahoo!: “It’s hard for children with a condition that you cannot see, because people judge them without knowing their difficulties.” 


“One day Dan turned to me and said: ‘What can I do to tell people why I am 
shouting?’ He likes to be in control and so we talked about what he could 
do and we came up with the cards,” she explained.


Dismissing the idea of a badge as they feared it would draw too much attention, the mum and son settled upon the cards, and Daniel hands them out to whoever he wants.


What a wonderfully clever idea. Well done, Daniel.