A lot of kids would choose Batman, Spider-man, an astronaut or even a sports star when asked who their hero is - not their younger sibling.


However, when Charlie McLellan was asked to do a project on his favourite hero for school he chose to write about his brother, Dan.


Describing his six-year-old sibling as “determined, kind, cheerful and talented”, Charlie added that not all heroes are famous “because my brother is my hero and not everyone knows him.”


Dan was diagnosed with Ullrich muscular dystrophy, a condition which sees the muscles weakening and wasting over time, just after his second birthday. Sadly, there is no cure for the disease which affects just 100 people in the UK.



James and Debra, Charlie and Dan’s parents, only found the assignment at the end of the year and were, unsurprisingly, moved by their eldest son’s touching tribute to his brother.


"There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We couldn't believe how poignant and emotionally advanced Charlie's insights were. We grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug ever. When we told Dan he just kept saying how awesome it was," explained 45-year-old James.


Describing just how amazing their eight-year-old son is, the proud dad said that Charlie is always helping his brother up and getting things for him.


"He's very inclusive. If we go to a playground he won't go on any of the climbing apparatus because he knows Dan can't join in and he doesn't want to leave him.”


This story certainly brought a tear or two to our eyes!