A 14-year-old boy has been awarded €30,000 after he cut his leg while on holiday in Florida


Rhys Nolan-Delaney slipped on a metal step in the playground of the Rosen Inn, Pointe Orlando and subsequently cut his shin on the edge of a slide. 


According to the Irish Times, the teenager was just ten-years-old at the time, and he required a number of stitches, which left a permanent scar on his leg. 



He sued Tropical Sky Ireland Ltd, which trades as American Sky, through his mum Karen, claiming the accommodation they provided was dangerous and unsafe. 


An initial of €25,000 was made following an assessment by the Injuries Board; however, this was increased by €5,000. 


A pay out of €1,300 was made to allow Rhys buy a mountain bike - on condition a receipt was given to Mr Justice Raymond Groarke.