A new study found that the brain matures a lot earlier in females than it does in males.
Researchers in Newcastle University believe that this could be the reason why teenage girls seem more sensible than their male classmates.
The scientists examined the brains of 121 people aged between four and forty, and found that the learning process for girls began at the age of ten, while men didn’t start to mature until the age of 20.
As we grow older, parts of the brain begin to shrink and unnecessary connections between cells wither away. This will leave a more streamlined and efficient organ.
Speaking on the brain’s streamlining process, researcher Dr Marcus Kaiser said: “This is part of the normal learning process. The brain as a whole is still expanding but it is losing connections.”
He added: “It is like if you are at a party and everyone is talking and you can’t concentrate. But if some of the voices go, it is easier to hear. It is similar in the brain. If some of the connections are not there, it is easier to do the work.”
Parents with little boys struggling to keep up with their female siblings could find a lot of comfort in this – you are not alone.