Today, the National Council for Special Education released a report which found that 14,000 students in the Republic of Ireland have a diagnosis of autism.


That's one in 65 school kids. 


And while Chief Executive of the NCSE Teresa Griffin said that pupils are “generally well supported” at primary level, she calls for further development to be made to secondary schools.



“We know that students with autism have different individual needs and can respond differently to interventions,” she said.


“Research does not support any one approach or methodology as being best for all students. We need a flexible and responsive educational system which can draw on, and use, a range of evidence-informed interventions in line with each student’s needs.”


An independent statutory body, the NCSE says that more than €300 million a year is needed to be invested in technology and teaching resources.


Recommending the Government provides “sufficient ring-fenced resources”, the report states that the Extended School Year Scheme for children with severe general learning disabilities may create unsafe environments for staff and students.



The report also recommend that teachers have at least three years of experience before taking up a post teaching children with autism.


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