The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has reported that so far in 2014, 13 children have died on Irish roads.
This is over double the number killed in road accidents for the whole of 2013, when six children lost their lives.
The RSA have released these figures to warn parents about road safety, particularly as children go back to school.
The group will be distributing more than 85,000 hi-vis vests to school children this year.
While the figure is alarming, the higher number does not mean roads have become more dangerous since last year.
As the figures for road deaths are relatively low in a small country like Ireland, there is huge variation year on year.
An examination of the statistics for child road deaths between 1997 and 2014 show that overall our roads are becoming safer for children.
In 2009 a report showed that child fatalities were down 45.6% since 1997, and injuries were down 29%. Fatalities peaked in 1998 with 34 children killed on Irish roads.
The drop in deaths in the last 16 years in extra encouraging, as the population of Ireland has risen by nearly 800,000 in that time, a 20% increase from 1998 levels.