The Lion King is an absolute classic movie and one that we could probably watch over and over again. 


However, no matter how many times we may have seen it, we are ALWAYS reduced to tears when Mufasa is killed by his brother, Scar.


Watching the King fall to his death is heartbreaking enough but when the clip pulls to little Simba crying, well, you’ll have to excuse us for a bit...


So when Channel 4's Gogglesprogs - a spinoff from the TV programme Gogglebox – showed the film to a number of kids aged between seven and 11 for the first time, we can feel their pain as they are reduced to tears, with some even questioning "why would you do that to your brother?".  


As a young girl wipes her eyes and a small boy goes “if my dad died I would be crying”, it’s enough to send us over the edge... Someone pass the tissues, please.



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