Parents watched in terror as a gust of wind lifted a bouncy castle 50 feet into the air with their children trapped inside.
Three children were playing in the bouncy castle when it was blown away.
The incident, which occurred in the US state of New York earlier this week, left two little boys aged five and six with serious injuries.
A 10-year-old girl was also hurt during the incident.
The girl was near the door when the castle began to rise, and fell out while it still close to the ground. She sufferered minor scrapes to the face. 
However, the two boys were trapped inside as it rose into the air.
One of the boys slammed into a parked car from about 15 feet in the air, while the second boy fell directly on to tarmac.
The younger boy (5) broke both arms while the older boy was left with a traumatic head injury.
South Glen Falls Police spokesperson David Gifford said, “It was just a freak accident.”