Many parents are still unemployed in Ireland as the economy is still only continuing to recover. But, a new study revealed that jobless fathers affect the happiness of their children.
A Department of Health report showed that children need a stable father figure to look up to and when a father is jobless, his children lose a role model.
The report said: “There is evidence that unemployment of a parent may cause a child to have lower levels of well-being in the longer term. If a child's father is unemployed, even if the father is re-employed, in future years, this may adversely affect a child's happiness and self-esteem.”
However, fathers should not feel discouraged because there are still ways for your spouse to set a good example. They can still teach children about discipline and time management by setting a schedule for household chores at home.
Being present during milestones is something that helps strengthen the relationship between father and child as well. In this way, a jobless father can show their child that they are still present, even if they aren’t the ones with the income.
As long as a father makes their mark in the home, they can instil values in their young ones that will teach them about self-love and love for others.