When it comes to choosing the right schoolbag for your child, there is more to just simply walking into the shop and picking the most appealing looking one.  
These tips will ensure you choose the right bag for your child, whether they are in primary or secondary school.
Two straps or one?
Choose a bag with two straps to ensure the weight of your little one's book are evenly distributed. If they insist on getting one with just a crossover strap, make sure they wear it with the strap across their shoulder so that one side is not carrying all the weight. Go for wide straps that will fit comfortably on your son or daughter’s shoulders.
Several compartments
Compartments are great for keeping an organised bag or for hiding bits of food. Try to pick up one with a side pocket that you can put your little one’s drink into so that if it does spill, it won’t go all over their books. Compartments are great for keeping pencils, small items and notebooks separate making them easier to get at. 
Padded back and straps
Most bags already have padding at the back but double check the one you want does. It will be a lot comfier on your child’s back and will mean they will wear it tight against them rather than swinging off their shoulders. Padding on the straps is also an added bonus.
Adjustable straps
Make sure the straps are adjustable and, if possible, get a bag that has a strap that goes around their middle, especially if your child is going to be carrying around a lot of books. This will help take away some of the weight on their back and shoulders.
The right size
You don’t want to end up with a bag that is too big for your youngster so, before you buy it, pop it on your little one’s back and check to see if it sits from the shoulders down to the small of their back.
Durable wear
Choose a bag that has durable material and is not too lightweight or thin. The bag will be thrown around all over the place and will no doubt end up with a few holes if it is not of good quality.
Choosing the right schoolbag is important to ensure your son or daughter doesn’t end up with back or neck pain.