From stimulating the mind and reducing stress to increasing vocabulary and improving memory, there are so many benefits to reading.


Considering one of the most effective ways to cultivate a love of reading in children is to start young, we have compiled a list of ten ways to get your toddler into books:


Read to them

Introduce your youngster to lots of different types of books by reading to them regularly – schedule it into your day.  


Read them rhymes and poems

Rhymes and poems are fun to read and even more fun to listen to. Books like the Dr Seuss series are full of rhyming words which sound nice and read easily.


Head to storytime at the library

Reading doesn’t have to be about just the two of you; head to the local library for some storytime. It is a great way for them to meet children their own age and be introduced to a wide range of books and reading styles.


Don’t just read to them at bedtime

Don’t restrict reading to bedtime, there are so many other opportunities to read aloud: just before naptime, after a run around in the park, in the morning after breakfast or at times when your youngster could do with some downtime.


Make sure you read as well 

Show them that books are pleasurable by reading yourself and be enthusiastic when discussing them with your toddler.  


Keep a book in your bag for ‘emergencies’

Keep a book in your bag for when you get stuck in a queue or in traffic – they will be a saviour!


Give them books as gifts

A beautiful pop-up makes a really lovely gift for a young child who is just getting to know how amazing books are.


Teach them to respect the book

Teach your child that books are important by encouraging your youngster to treat them with care and respect.


Get them books about things they are interested in

Get them wanting to read by giving them books about things that interest them like cars, tractors, animals, buildings etc.


Fill your home with books

Make sure you fill your home with lots of books so that your child grows up surrounded by them. The more easily accessible they are the better for your toddler.