A father, who lets his daughter wear her hair whatever way she wants, did not expect to prompt a debate on parenting.


A photo of a girl with her hair gelled into a ponytail that stood up on top of her hair was posted to Reddit by user Bimbyn recently.


Explaining that the youngster's dad said that he “lets her wear her hair whatever way she wants”, the photo sparked a debate on parenting techniques, with many others saying it resembled something from a Dr Seuss books.


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While some users were quick to point out that the youngster wouldn’t be able to get in and out of a car easily, others congratulated him on giving her the freedom to express herself.


“Exactly, this is how you learn. If they insist, let them discover why you said no. When I was a kid, I demanded to eat all my Halloween candy, despite my mother saying no. Finally she said yes, if I was willing to accept the consequences. I ate it all- then I threw it up, and now had no more candy. It made sense, then, that she knew that would happen, and I should've listened. Sometimes you gotta let them learn practically, lessons are hard [sic]," commented FatSputnik


However. not everyone agreed, with another commenting on the fact that he was making his child be an outsider: 


“Yeah, I get the whole "let your kid be a kid" bit, but part of your job as a parent is to teach them how to be people in society. You're massively handicapping that by letting them make themselves outsiders because they don't know any better,” said user Spergery.


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