Looking back through your phone, we’re sure you have at least a few hundred pictures of your kids making funny faces or posing in their Sunday best, but it’s the snaps that show life for how it is that are worth their weight in gold.


Something that father-of-two Thomasz Laskowshi knows about all too well.


The Dublin-based photographer takes pictures for a living, and for the past while has been taking one snap of his six-year-old daughter, Suzie, and three-year-old son, Constantin, every day in a series simply titled Day in Life


"I believe that the most significant days of our lives are disguised in routine and monotony. That there is magic in the mundane and beauty in the chaos if we are just willing to stop and recognise it," Thomasz explained to MummyPages. 


"Sooner then we expect our kids will have driver's licences and will be filing college applications. Freckles will fade and there will be no more smudged fingerprints on the windows." 


Originally started so that family abroad could feel involved in the children’s lives, the series has literally captured the hearts of all who see it.


"It's a way to show grandparents something that they cannot experience - normal life of the grandkids," the father added. 


Admitting that taking one photo every day is not easy, the dad-of-two plans to keep going until his kids become teenagers and "they try to force [him] to stop!"


The series has frozen moments in life that we take for granted like jumping on the bed or even Skyping on the computer; things we all do on a daily basis. 


The photos are truly stunning, and deserve your undivided attention! 





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