A dad who witnessed his son being attacked with a bottle by football hooligans on Sunday has spoken out about the effect it had on him.

Robert Duffy relived the moment his son Kieran had a bottle thrown in his face on the way to his first Celtic v Rangers football game, saying: "The shock of seeing your own kid in that mess knocked me for six. I was nearly fainting."

Commenting on his reaction, he said: "I just held the wee man. I had him in my arms trying my best. Someone must have phoned an ambulance, the police were there quite quick."

Robert's son suffered a hairline fracture and lost three teeth during the brutal attack which saw a group of individuals surround the minibus in which Kieran and his father were travelling before launching a glass bottle through the main door.

It is understood that the individuals who launched the attack where Celtic fans deliberately targeting a minibus carrying Rangers supporters.

The attack has shocked Celtic supporters, with one fan from Lincolnshire  named Rod Lee saying: "As a Celtic supporter I am ashamed of the actions of one of our own. From me...I'm sorry this has happened, and on behalf of Celtic supporters we stand ashamed and angry."

That same fan has set up a fund for Kieran which has received £1700 so far.