An artist has used some much-loved Disney characters to make a powerful point about sexual abuse within families.
Ariel, Jasmine, and Aurora all appear in rape awareness posters created by Saint Hoax, an artist who hopes the images will encourage victims to report their attackers.
The posters show the princesses fearfully being kissed by their fathers alongside the statistic "46% of minors who are raped are victims of family members."
The artist says 'The Princest Diaries' is "an awareness campaign targeting minors who have been subject to sexual abuse by a family member."
By using Disney princesses, Saint Hoax believes that she is using a "visual language" that her target audience will engage with. 
Saint Hoax says she decided to create the posters after learning that her friend had been raped by her father at a young age.
"That story shocked me to the core", she said.  "As an artist/activist I decided to shed light on that topic again in a new form." 
What do you think of Disney Princesses being used in rape awareness posters?