Parents in Argentina have been expressing their outrage after male genitalia was found on a fairy doll toy recently.


The toy is thought to be the world’s first transgender doll. The doll was made in China and then sold in discount stores and it remains unclear if the extra feature on the toy is deliberate or perhaps a manufacturing defect.



One mum was outraged when she discovered the extra feature on the doll, as her three-year-old daughter was playing with it. She then posted a photo of the doll on her Facebook page and the story has gone viral.


Argentina is now embroiled in something of a debate surrounding the doll, with many saying that the doll could “influence” the sexuality of children and others saying the doll could be a great way of breaking down gender boundaries. The topic is featuring widely on TV and radio stations across the country. 


Child psychologist, Ricardo Rodulfo told the MailOnline that it isn’t children who are bothered, but adults: “It doesn’t matter to a child whether their toy has male genitalia or not. The idea causes more disturbances among adults.”