An English driver has been banned from the roads for six months after a police camera filmed him speeding at 70 miles per hour (112 km/h) with a young child standing or kneeling in the front seat. The footage was recorded in a 60m/h (97 k/h) zone.
John Naisbitt, a 66-year-old grandfather, appeared in court for sentencing today, having previously pleaded guilty to the charges of speeding and carrying a passenger in a dangerous manner.
In court, Mr Naisbitt said that at the time the footage was recorded, his grandson was on a booster seat but had pushed the seatbelt behind him.
Watch the camera footage here:
The court heard that the grandfather, from Durham, cares for his disabled wife and uses the car to pick up his grandson from school twice a week. However the driving ban was upheld as Mr Naisbitt already has a total of nine points on his license for speeding.
A statement from the police officer who recorded the footage was read out in court. It said, “I was shocked at what I was observing. The driver seemed to have no consideration for the young passenger as the manner he was travelling in seemed to be in danger.”