With Easter almost upon us, and the kids on the school holidays, you are probably frantically searching for things to do with them to keep them happy.


Why not incorporate the religious holiday and plan a few Easter-fun activities with your little one.


Set up an Easter egg hunt

You can do this in your home or your garden if the weather is promising. All you need to do is hide the eggs (although you won’t want to make it too difficult for them), give your youngster a basket and let them find as many as the can. The more kids involved in this the better! if you don’t fancy your youngster eating a basket-full of chocolate, you can hide pretend eggs and give them one chocolate egg at the end.


Decorate eggs

Simply, very gently, pierce a hole in the top and bottom of an egg, being careful you don’t crack it. Blow in one end to push the raw egg out - do it over a bowl so you can use it later. Give it a quick rinse, and let your little one paint them to their heart’s content. Alternatively, give them hard boiled eggs so that they won’t accidently crack them.


Easter race

This is really fun, especially if there are a number of kids around. Simply line them up on one side of the garden, tell them to think of an Easter animal they want to be, then have them race in their chosen animal’s movement. This is guaranteed to be hilarious.  


Bake Easter nests

Baking is definitely fun to do with our toddlers, and while it never turns out like we plan, there is just something so special about the memory maker. From Easter muffin lollies to crunchy mango cookies, there are plenty of recipes to keep you both happy.