It’s not long until the mid-term break, and many mums will already be thinking about how they are going to keep the kids entertained without them forgetting what they learnt in class.
This break, why not combine both education and fun – you’ll definitely learn a thing or two yourself.
Maths: Play shop
Let your little one set up a shop where they are the shopkeeper. Give them lots of stuff to sell and have them label each item with a price. Buy something off them and have them figure out how much you owe and how much change they need to give you. This is a great adding and subtraction game.
Science: Make a volcano
This is definitely one for outside. You will need a mound of dirt, red food colouring, vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid. Mix all your ingredients apart from the vinegar together in a bowl. When you are ready, add the vinegar and stand back for the lava explosion
English: Write a story
Writing a story can be a lot of fun, especially if there are lots of people there. You will need one sheet of paper and enough pens or pencils to give out to each person. Sit everyone in a circle and choose one person to start off the story. Get them to write one sentence on the page. Pass it to the person beside them and have them write another sentence following on from the story. The second person will then need to fold down the page so that the first sentence is hidden – each participant should only be able to see one sentence. Pass it around until everyone has written something. When you unfold the sheet you will have a dysfunctional yet fun story.  
Geography: Guess the country
You will need a giant map of the world, although a globe will do. Have your little one look at a continent, Europe for instance, and ask them to memorise as many countries on it as possible. After about 10 minutes, put the map away and get them to write down from memory all the countries they can think of. To make it really exciting, have a little competition among all your children or even you and your child.