A moving video created by the Belgian road safety authority gives a voice to injured children, asking them to tell their story of the accident, and how their lives have been changed forever.
The video makers write:
“Every day 148 people are injured on Belgian roads, 13 of whom are seriously injured. However, people are no longer sensitive to the warning messages. But if the victim were a young girl, would her story be heard? And if this were your child or your little sister, how would you react?"

"Unfortunately these stories are based on real facts. These children are knocked down on roads by people like you and me who drive just slightly faster than usual.”
While this video focuses on Belgium, it is just as relevant here. Every year in Ireland nearly 200 people die on our roads, and thousands are seriously injured.
Deaths and injuries from road accidents thankfully are decreasing every year, but they can still be reduced further if people take messages like this to heart.
The video is in dutch, so remember to turn on the English subtitles.