Gardening is a great way to spend time with your little one, soaking up the sun, and getting back to nature.


And whether you have a big or a small garden or you have green fingers or not, you and your toddler can have great fun learning together.


Here are five ways to get your little one outside and planting: 


1. Read about it

Most kids are more than happy to head outside and do some digging, but if your little one isn’t try to stock up on books all about gardening and the fun things you can do in it. This will hopefully get your toddler excited about it, so head to the local library.


2. Buy them the right tools

You can pick up a small shovel or trowel fairly cheaply and they are a lot easier for your toddler to use than an adult-sized one. If the tools are easier to use then your little one will be more likely to want to get stuck in.



3. Start off small

Don’t plan a big project for them straight away as they might become a little overwhelmed. Start off with a small pot or even vegetable patch so that they can build up their own little green fingers.


4. Take note of changes

Plants and flowers can take a long time to grow and, as most of us know, kids are very impatient. To keep them motivated and interested in the project, take note of all changes, no matter how small they might be, so that your little one can see them taking place.



5. Put them in charge

Kids love being in charge of something, so designate them a job that only they can do and do on their own. Watering or removing bugs are simple jobs that most kids would be more than happy to do – just remember not to go for something that is too difficult or that they will need help with.