Retailers have reported a huge increase in sales of vacuum cleaners following the EU ban on high wattage cleaners as people panic buy the old models.
The new law, which came into effect on Monday, bans the manufacture and import of vacuum cleaners over 1600 watts.
The new rule has caused huge controversy as most of the best selling and highest rated cleaners are over this limit. The average vacuum is current 1800 watts, with the power models going up to 2400 watts.
There is particular worry amongst allergy sufferers and pet owners that the weaker cleaners won’t be able to do the job.
While the new rule means that no new high wattage vacuum cleaners will be made, shops are still allowed to sell out their stock of cleaners made before September 1st.
This has caused panic buying among customers who want to be sure they have the cleaning power they need.
Sales have boomed as people try to snap up the last few power vacuums, with online retailer reporting that sales were up 380% in the last week of August.
Electrical retailer Currys’ vacuum sales were up 94% compared to the same time last year, Tesco sales are up 44% and Argos said their sales were up too – despite 97% of their stock being compliant with the new law.
Things will get even worse for fans of powerful vacuums in 2017 when the EU limit will drop to just 900 watts, far below any of the current popular models.
Bans on high-wattage lawn mowers, kettles, hairdryiers and other electrical goods are currently being examined as part of the EU's committment to reduce energy usage by 30% by 2030.