Any toy that can inspire, educate and entertain children all at once is a winner in our eyes, and so if you’re anything like us you will be very intrigued by Ollies’ Blocks.


We have Harran Yaffe to thank for bringing Ollies’ Blocks into the 21st century – the wooden toys were first created by his toymaker father over 30 years ago, and they are hoping to bring them to the masses through a new Kickstarter campaign.


The father and son team want to share Ollies’ Blocks with the children of today, to capture the imaginations of little ones all over the world as well as inspire a generation of budding engineers.


So much more than just a toy, Ollies’ Blocks are designed to “spark creativity and imagination in your children, while helping them develop spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills”.


While they are still quite a way off of their $100,000 production goal, the team has received glowing reports back from children, parents and teachers alike.


Check Ollies’ Blocks out in action in the video below. If you would like to see children all over the world enjoying these blocks, check out the Kickstarter campaign through this link.