As parents we try to teach our children about road safety from as early an age as possible, but sometimes tragedy strikes and you can find yourself living every parents’ worst nightmare.  


Sadly for Paul Brierley from Cork, this nightmare became a reality when his five-year-old son, Daniel, was hit by a car as he ran away from a wasp last Friday.  


Talking to RTÉ’s Liveline the father explained that he tried to comfort the youngster, who had become stuck between the car and the curb.


“He was actually behind the front left wheel of the car with his two hands out… He was stuck there behind the car and the step. I just started talking to him about spiderman… I just kept the conversation as much as I could just to keep him calm.”



The brave father, who wanted his little boy to stay as calm as possible, recalls telling other people who were crying to keep away so “[his son] wouldn’t be in fear himself”.


The youngster was taken to hospital where he was found to have suffered a fractured spine, bruising to the brain, a broken leg and a number of broken ribs.


Heartbreakingly, Daniel still suffers from nightmare, with his mum, Sharon, telling the Daily Mail: “Every night I have to listen to him crying and that upsets us again. I am hoping that because he’s young he will pull through it but he’s deep and he takes things seriously so we’re both worried.”


The driver of the car was not injured but was treated for extreme shock at the scene.


We’re wishing Daniel a very speedy recovery.