Twin boys Jacob and Jordan Cook were born 28 weeks premature back in December 2008, and while the two boys looked identical, there was one heart breaking difference between then spotted after six months.
The boys’ mum Lucy explains the aftermath of the birth:
“We were in hospital with them for two months and on the day we left they gave both Jacob and Jordan routine brain scans.

“They found Jacob had two cysts on his brain. We had made it and somehow they had both survived, so it was a huge blow.”

After more tests it was discovered that Jacob was suffering from cerebral palsy - an incurable condition that causes mobility and breathing difficulties. Lucy explains:
“I was a bit in denial as I wanted to believe everything was fine.
“When I look back at pictures now, I can see his hands are always tight but as a first-time mum, I didn't know the difference.”
After managing his condition with physiotherapy, parents Lucy and Scott finally managed to rais the £65,000 needed to go to America for an operation which is not available on the NHS. Lucy explains how when they told Jacob about his operation last year he didn’t fully understand what was happening:
“We told him that the doctor would put magic back into his legs to try to make them work.
“We wanted him to be aware of what was happening, but we didn't want him to be disappointed if it didn't work.”
Thankfully, the operation was a success, and now Jacob is able to walk around with his brother and while he still needs daily physiotherapy, he has started school.
“It's been very busy, and it's hard work, but he's definitely made a lot of progress.”