Bath time can sometimes be a difficult task for most parents, especially trying to get our tots into the tub in the first place. But washing our toddlers can now be a fun experience for you and your tot, thanks to these great bath time crafts ideas:
The more unusual shaped the sponge, the better. Your little one will have lots of fun watching the sponges expand into different shapes in the water and drip from all sides.
Shaving Cream Paint
Probably best to do this before you start cleaning your child as it can get messy. But your little one can get all creative in the bathtub thanks to this homemade creation. Simply add some food dye to shaving cream and your tot will be able to create colourful masterpieces in the bathtub.
Bath time disco
If you want to get really creative, throw some glow sticks and necklaces in the water and then switch off the lights. Your little one can have great fun in the bath by having their own mini disco.
Bathtub Paint
Thankfully most paints can easily slide off tiles, so it’s ok to let your little one to get all creative on with some messy paint on their hands. But if you’re afraid about some of the paint seeping into the lines between the tiles, it might a good idea to let them come up with their messy creations in the bath.
Bubble Bath
Sometimes it’s ok to overdo it on the shower gel or even using a well-known bubble bath brand, as your little one can have a hideout in a wall of bubbles but also keep clean.
Bath time can be even more fun by transforming a boring washcloth into a fun octopus. All you need is an elastic to wrap around the top and you have your own washcloth octopus.
Rainbow bath
More fun colourful bath time activities. Your little one can watch their bunch of bubbles turn into colourful masterpieces thanks to food dye. Simply add some food dye to bubbles and watch your toddler get all excited at the colourful creations.